Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Joys of Exercise!

In the effort to lose weight this year i have decided to take up exercise with full force! January arrived, me and IR (and another friend A) all decided to take up badminton. It was badminton less, catching up on the general week more! We would get continious shouts from the recieptionist "would you just shut up and play!" Like all normal human beings we would ignore and carry on talking!

Then one of my other very good friend recomended zumba and it was the best workout for me, it combined one of my passions, dancing, with exercise! I have been going to zumba for 10 months now, bar one month of Ramadan and absolutley love it. the teacher is so fantastic, it feels like dance more than exercise!

for the past two weeks the normal teacher has been on holiday so we had a replacement who in this case was a guy. Now the guy started with, "ladies wear sports bras otherwise you will be all over the place!" my mouth was open and i thought, shit time to invest in one. It then got worse. in the middle of the class he took off his shirt, obviously to show his six pack abs and did i mention that his shorts were half way down his arse?!

But the absolute highlight of last weeks class was this 50 year old guy with his dancing shoes right next to me, dancing away almost pushing me next to the wall, i seriously reconsidered going again today!

But my friend S blackmailed me again saying she has no one to go with so go with her so i went. the same teacher with new lines, the best being "im gonna make you get your hours worth and make sure you go home wet dripping wet!"

the funniest thing which happened in todays class was the backdoor of the hall is open to let air in and suddenly we realised we had an audience! It was just a bunch of kids and my favourite song came on the bollywood one, as soon as we started the kids started dancing too! i couldnt keep a straight face i was laughing so much i forgot the steps and was laughing and snorting at the same time, the instructor kept looking at me but i couldnt stop laughing at all! i could see in the dark was a little boys beautiful blond mop going crazy in the dance!

then the last dance came so the instructor faced them, took his shirt off, the boys took their shirts off and they started dancing away at this point, i was nearly on the floor rolling in laughter because the kids were full into it as the instructor!

i also started spinning four weeks ago and although my friend D said to me she sweats just looking at people who do spinning, i actually really enjoy it! Although the class is very good, i constantly get scared by the instructor when in the middle of cycling like a maniac he shouts GO! my friend S fell of her bike the last time he did that lol! The highlight came last week when he said who has had a chocolate today raise your hands, me my friend S and N raised our hands. Then, who had crisps today raise your hands, we all raised our hands he then screamed cycle faster you have got more calories to burn! i never cycled so fast in my life just out of pure fear i could feel his eyes burning on me and my friends so we continued to cycle like maniacs!

who says exercise isnt fun?! if yours isnt you should come to my classes they are pure entertainment!

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