Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Wedding...Your Wedding...Our Wedding.....Who's Wedding!!


That all special day, your Wedding Day; does the bride actually get a say, like a proper say, in how her day goes??

Me and HA were talking about weddings, when it just occurred to me, weddings really aren't much about what the bride and groom want. Everyone wants their opinion accounted for during the wedding period.

> Friends want that all important Henna party, so they can live out some weird dancing fantasy of theirs, and have a legitimate reason to ignore their children

> Parents want a very big Party, so all of their family members and family friends can join in. Mostly people we hardly talk too and probably really don't even get on with, but have to invite to keep face

> Auntys want a big wedding, so they can put on their latest outfits to show off, and then gossip about how bad everything was

> And uncles.....well they just want food!

All of this reminds me of my sisters wedding, she did not have a clue (exceptional case, most brides are very involved in their wedding). All she wanted was her outfits! I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown, organising everything, and thought it can't any worse then this, until my dad announced he's going to make a speech at the wedding. At that moment, my mums face started to turn red, and before she exploded I quickly and calmly commented, 'aww that's nice dad, so how long is it?', my dad smiled back innocently like this is the most normal thing to say, '10 pages front and back'. That was it: Armageddon in my house, I obviously allowed my mum to go crazy! Ten pages!!! I mean heelllloooo, this is not an opportunity for you to shine dad!!!

But the big day came, and somehow my dad did get hold of the mike, and out came his autobiography. You would think I'm exaggerating but No, from the day he was born, to his wedding, to all of our births (his kids), his different jobs, his hobbies, ample jokes, to one last sentence of congratulating the bride and groom!

Forks really should be sharper, every time I tried stabbing myself it just didn't work!

Soooo, I've decided to have my wedding at my house, mainly because of the fear of  'The Speech'!! I do want a nice small intimate wedding....but I guess we'll have to see what happens! Will keep you all updated!

Back to men;

Mens preparation for their wedding day:

  1. Get into a suit
  2. Gel their hair
  3. Get into the car

Ukhhhh!! Do they know what we have to go through??! The whole preparation for the venue, the decor, the outfits, the hair, the make up and last but not least, pack up your whole life and move, to start a new one!!! I mean do they even understand, even a tiny teeny bit, of how hard this could be??!!!

If they weren't so self absorbed, maybe they would realise why we have schizophrenia in the first couple of months of marriage......

I feel another I Hate Men book coming along....

Dial A Shisha???


So I was just sitting around listening to some music, suddenly a leaflet came through the door. I thought it was the standard takeaway delivery/charity unwanted clothes leaflet so was just about to throw it in the bin when something caught my eye: Dial A Shisha???!!! i couldn't believe it, now we are having shisha delivered to our houses!

At first I was like wow thats a good idea but then I thought isn't the whole fun of shisha sitting somewhere with my friends fighting over the shisha pipe and listening to arabic music u can't understand???? Although i do understand with the cold hitting the UK having a shisha delivered indoors where there is no smoking ban you can enjoy it more. Personally I'd buy my own cos it would cost the same.

Now we have shisha being delivered to us what's next, dial a cigarette service??? I think I'm gonna start it up!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

What To Do With a Courgette... Or Two


We call them courgettes in England... My family in North America says we are totally wrong and they are actually called zucchini. And then I come to Pakistan where my mother-in-law politley informs me this is, in fact, "maaroo."

I don't see these green yummies that much here, so bought a kilo worth when I was out this week, only to find all the boys in my house (Husband, his brothers and father-in-law) flick pieces of courgette from my big roast veg tray to the side of their plates. I was really hurt on behalf of the poor courgettes.

Anyway I had two leftover and was stuck on how to use them up when I cam across this recipe.*

My excitement at making this was more about whether or not anyone would figure out there is a vegetable in it than eating a delicious chocolate bread, which is exactly what it was. So moist and so light! Chocolate anything is usually quite heavy, but this was lovely which is probably why I had three slices (nothing compared to Husband's five I guess, *gulp*)

Also, I didn't have a loaf pan and just used my mother-in-law's oval cake tin.

*I've only ever tried one more recipe from this site: eggplant wrapped kebabs, which was yummy. Next, I'm trying the Greek stuffed tomatoes/peppers!

OH and not one person figured out there was "maaroo" in this! Husband did eventually but only when I narrowed it down and said "I'll give you a hint: green veg you didn't like!"

And now its ALL finished :-)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011



The mortification of waking up having drooled on Mr Husband’s arm was too much. I had to write about it. As I’m still cringing hours later, I’m hoping this will be therapeutic for me. 

This (and other “human” behaviours) may not be a big deal in some marriages. Who knows, maybe 10 years down the line it won’t be to me either! But for the moment, I think we’re still in that relatively composed phase. I mean I would not burp/belch in front of him (ever… not 10, 100, or even 1,000 years down the line!) and he doesn’t do your typical disgusting manly things in front of me either (like fart, ew. I’m not uptight I promise. I just have major issues with public gassy exchanges, as well as other uncomposed behaviours).

So when I discovered I had drooled on him last night… what can I say, I’ve been very disturbed since! As with all other disturbing instances in life, I turned to my friends immediately. A quick email later, I discovered that IR has been there, done that (sorry for outing you IR by the way). And I’m wondering, what other weirdo uncontrollable behaviours are we doing in our sleep that we don’t even realise?! 

I know I used to grind my teeth! I don’t anymore, thank God. But when I used to share a room with my mum many moons ago, I remember once she got up, walked over to my bed and SLAPPED me in my sleep to make me stop! By the way, my mum is a super gentle person, so the slapping just goes to show how bad the grinding was. Needless to say, we stopped sharing a room soon afterwards.

But apart from that (and the common embarrassing sleep problem: snoring—which I don’t do…yet), what other sleep “disorders” are there out there? (And how many are my friends guilty of? That’s what I’m curious about!) 

I Wikipedia’d this:
  • Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (oh my god this one may be less embarrassing more useful to use if your partner annoys u… a karate-chop or strategic kick in bed could be followed by “oh I’m so sorry, I think I suffer from PLMD!!!” You see why this post is important?)
  • Somniphobia (fear of sleep) I’m going to be suffering from that soon, if I have even one more drooling incident! 
  • Sleep walking. You know what, I’ve never really taken this one THAT seriously before but apparently, people have been acquitted of murdering their wives, mistresses, even mothers-in-law using the “sleepwalking defence!”
Anyway, back to my drooling problem, I am going to sleep with my hand forever tucked under my cheek from now, so I can catch any unwanted saliva in future! Alternatively, I’m going to see if there are any hypnotherapists near me and ask them to hypnotize my mouth into never, ever misbehaving and embarrassing me like that again.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pencil, Curl and Gloss!

Posted by NK
Waking up in the morning and crawling out of bed, with the mirror right infront of my bed is not such a good idea....
 Isn’t it always the case, that one eye takes longer to open up and the other looks like its been punched.  Your mouth is sooo dry like your saliva’s been sucked out your mouth.  Your hair looks like its had a really bad hairdresser back comb and curl it, and you’ve also been electrocuted repatedly!!! 
Soooooo who praises the creators of MAKE UP!! Meeeeeeeee!!!!
I’ve always been a fan of make up and trying it out from a young age got rid of those initial mistakes you learn from, like:
Ø  Not penciling your eyebrows and looking bald
Ø  Not curling your eyelashes  and looking tired and depressed
Ø  Too much eyeshadow all over ur eyes, so you look like an art piece
Ø  No blusher, so looking drained
Ø  And too much foundaton,  so you loolk like cake mixture
Since then, me and my friends have come a long way and make up has been our best friend.  From Maxfactor being our HEAD foundation, we’ve moved over to MAC and bare minerals (mostly MAC). I remember the first year of uni spending many days with IR in her room painting lots of different colours on our eyelids, and using the liquid eyeliner pretty much all over our face, thinking we are the next HOT thing  - until ofcourse we took pics and realised how simlar we looked to Drag Queens! 

Just yesterday  I lost my liquid eyeliner and obviously freaked out because my outfit needed liquid eyeliner (does that make sense), like sometimes you wear an outfit that needs a specific make up piece?? Soooo, I decided to use the blacktrack liquid eyeliner from MAC with a brush and wowza, how smooth,  pointed and BLACK, was my top eyeliner!! I looked like a rock queen! I then used the same in my eye instead of my pencil eyeliner and again WOWZA, it lasted AND looked awesome AND did not smudge!!!!
So my make-up must do’s are:
Ø  Curl eyelashes
Ø  Pencil eyebrows
Ø  Mascara
Ø  Blusher
Ø  And glossy lips!
As long as you have these basics you can look “natural” or just remain looking like an Ogre!! 
Lets go back to my anger against they even realise and appreciate what we have to go through??? I mean its perfectly fine for them not to wear any make-up (well some) and to be hairy, sometimes being even more hairy is more attractive to women! But for us we need to be all primed and princess like, eyebrows done,  facial hair removed and make up on!  I sometimes think we should be a bit more like the elder auntys with their furry moustaches and overgrown eyebrows going back into their head!!
The most men do is wash their face and jump into jeans and THATS IT!
Where women, lets not even list the things we need to go through to walk out that door. Even though saying that, me and the girls did break this mould at university going to the service station at ridiculous times in our pj’s and the security guard questioning if I was a girl or a boy??!!! Also going to edgeware road in flowery asian suits and furry slippers with a smacked face with smudged make-up!
Soo I guess its down to us, give in to the princess lady look or the grizzly ogre look....which one are you, Ogre or Princess??

Missing Broody Gene?


So I went to see my cousin yesterday who had a baby boy. He's gorgeous and tiny and has so much jet black hair!

But I didn't feel broody at all! All my sisters went to see the baby too and they came back broody as hell!

So is there something wrong with me?

Could be because the baby just cried and cried whilst I was there and all I was thinking was thank god that's not me on that bed! Also when I got to hospital, my cousin (bless her) was crying and said "I haven't slept for two days, he doesn't stop crying, I just wanna go home..." So I was trying to console her and make the baby stop crying. At the same time, I was like Thank God Thank God Thank God lol!

So am I missing the broody gene?!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Welcome To The Play-Doh Mansion



1. It's rubbed into my beige carpet.

2. It's been plonked into my hot cuppa tea!

3. All the different colours have been mixed together and it now looks like a heap of poo.

4. It's stuck in little one's hair.

5. It's stuck to my work trousers which I noticed while kids went into assembly. So I scraped it off and it's left a dirty mark.

6. There's lots of little pieces under my dining table...I'm leaving them there for a few days so it dries up and it's easier to Hoover. Hoping MIL (mother in law) doesn't see it and think I'm gandi (dirty!).

If you want a play-doh mansion of your own, this is how you can make play-doh:

1 cup plain flour
1 cup water
2 tblsp cream of tartar
1/2 cup salt
2tblsp oil
food colouring

Mix the dry ingrdients in a saucepan then add water, mix until smooth, add food colouring (i do this last so the spoons don't stain) then add the oil, & cook on medium heat, keep stiring til dough leaves sides. I mix in food colouring to different pieces of play-doh.

To store, I put each colour (I'd they stay separate) into a food bag and it stores in the fridge for AGES!

If you've already got a play-doh mansion up and running please feel free to add to the list of mansion mishaps! 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Curse of Working!


I totally agree with NK when did it get too hard?

I remember our time in uni, during the 3 years it was all about making depressing movies funny. During that particular instance in our room me NK IR and JN started of watching the movie, as usual JN and IR fell asleep and me and NK were waiting with tissues for a reason to cry. Suddenly, everything in the movie became funny especially the dances!

Those days were the days! It consisted of smoking shisha at breakfast, getting our student loans and  becoming rich overnight, spending it all on shopping, sleeping till 4pm, making our friend SS wake up at 3am to go get us kebab rolls cos we were hungry, annoying our neighbours Bob & Eileen, endless water fights and house parties!

How times have changed  6 years on from uni my routine is getting up at 7am work like a dog till 4pm, come home fit my exercises in the evening and spend some time with hubby. At the same time try and study for the ACCA which, should be renamed Association of Cruel and Confused Accountancy. Its cruel cos it has 14 exams and its confused cos no one gets it!

Its the curse of working peeps just when you think your saved from it, it comes and bites you in the backside!

I don't think anyone enjoys work those that do have no life! Bring back the days of laughing at sad movies and sleeping till 4pm!

It's Too Hard!!


So just as you think life can't get any worse,  it does..............

A brief background on me:

I'm the single one in our group
Working like a D O G
A bit mental  - like chicken oriental
and the good looking one ;)

Soooo is it just me or is everyone stuck in a dead end job, working like a freak, having serious issues in their personal life, hating on men ( so understanding lesbianism) and constantly thinking,  life is a BIYATCH!

The crapness all started with sitting in SK's room in the first year of uni, and we were contemplating, should we watch a depressing movie or attend tomorrows lecture, obviously the latter was decided upon and we ended up laughing like hyenas throughout.  From then we were never serious, well I was never serious about anything and have moved on to be in a crappy job, stressed out me face,  when I was supposed to be a married woman getting fat!!!

So now I'm in a job where I am so fed up, that I will clearly tell my manager I am sick to death with this and am looking for another job, all the time.  He's pretty transparent with me and tells me how he's doing the same, amazingness!!  Now SK has finally got me to book my F3 exam (accountancy) next month!!!!!! I'm not sure why I'm telling everyone this because you'll all want to know the results, even though no one's following us yet - whatever that means!!

That's my career, well lack of. Moving onto the single life where all aunt’s look at you at every party and think you're this choosy, high maintenance, bitch of a woman, so therefore not married. When actually they need to realise a few things.... well one thing:
Men are dogs!!
Based on this I wanted to start writing some books,  some of the titles I have come up with:

> Men make women lesbians
> Man is never understood because he's a Mental Anal Nutcase
> Selfish Selfish dog men!

(By the way I don't mean the word dog literally - its just you know for weird, crapness, freakish behaviour ....basically anyting bad)

So I hate the way men just don't get us.  We are made differently, is it so hard for them to understand that.  Change is hard for a man and adapting to things around him is difficult too, saying that if you do find the right man, and he's a sweetheart, hold on to him.

I am a very confused person just like HA (she is VERY confused) but life is just so unpredicatable and you've got to roll with it, so I guess our opinions and views on things do change.  I have a million thoughts going through my head all the time, like at the moment I’m thinking I need to make tea after this!

At the moment I do have a lovely man in my life but like always things aren't as clear cut as they should be. I may tell the story later but let's leave that for another day.  The starting to this blog will make a lot more sense then too.

Love you followers.  I'd like to call you initialuettes!  As you're following our initials :)

Shopping in Islamabad


Islamabad FINALLY has bigger shops, more variety, and better fashion. Hallelujia! If you've ever been to Islo, you'll know how terribly it compares to Lahore and Karachi, but something is happening here nowadays. It seems like all the bigger brands have suddenly noticed our tiny capital and an influx has taken place in the last year alone.

I first noticed this when Zahra Ahmed came to Islo. I'd previously only been to the store in Lahore and found it to be a fun and more unique ready-made store than your standard Generation, etc. Soon after, I noticed a sign go up on an empty building saying Gul Ahmed Opening Soon! This was super exciting for me because my weak spot is cushions and bedding. Strange weak spot, I know. But how some people feel when they walk into a shoe store is how I feel when I see a beautifully made-up bed in a department store. The cushions, oh the cushions... Cushions are a genius invention: providing comfort as well as extra beauty!

ANYWAY, point being that whereas Gul Ahmed clothing is available at various stores in Islo, a Gul Ahmed store is a different affair: three floors of mens clothing as well as womens, handbags, shoes, stitched clothes as well as unstitched including kurtas, and lots of bedding, curtains, towels, etc! In the last few months, not one but TWO Gul Ahmed stores have opened up here.

And as if that was not exciting enough, right next to one of them, Nishat Linen have opened up their third Islamabad store, called a Nisha Boutique. The boutiques carry a wider range of ready-made clothes than the normal Nishat Linen stores. Just last year there was only one Nishat Linen here!

I also noticed yesterday that Cotton Ginny is opening here soon too. And stores I'd previously only seen in Lahore can also be found, such as Threads & Motifs, and Needle Impressions. Plus a lot of existing stores have opened up more outlets, like Kayseria and Bareeze. So all of these add to Khaadi, Cynosure, Chen One, Junaid Jamshed, etc, and Islamabad being so small and easy to navigate around means we finally have some decent shopping to offer.

Contrary to the excited tone of this post, I don't actually go shopping that much here... There's usually only one of the following reasons I do:
1) someone has asked me to (such as family abroad or a friend visiting);
2) I'm buying a present; or
3) its summer/winter and time for a wardrobe injection!

It was No.3 that took me to the streets of Islo yest and I was so pleasantly surprised at how much the shopping scene is improving here that I've sat down to write a blog post about it! With so much political turmoil, inflation, instability and security tensions here, it sometimes feels like everything will come to a grinding halt soon. Its so nice for the opposite to happen in reality :-)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Joys of Exercise!

In the effort to lose weight this year i have decided to take up exercise with full force! January arrived, me and IR (and another friend A) all decided to take up badminton. It was badminton less, catching up on the general week more! We would get continious shouts from the recieptionist "would you just shut up and play!" Like all normal human beings we would ignore and carry on talking!

Then one of my other very good friend recomended zumba and it was the best workout for me, it combined one of my passions, dancing, with exercise! I have been going to zumba for 10 months now, bar one month of Ramadan and absolutley love it. the teacher is so fantastic, it feels like dance more than exercise!

for the past two weeks the normal teacher has been on holiday so we had a replacement who in this case was a guy. Now the guy started with, "ladies wear sports bras otherwise you will be all over the place!" my mouth was open and i thought, shit time to invest in one. It then got worse. in the middle of the class he took off his shirt, obviously to show his six pack abs and did i mention that his shorts were half way down his arse?!

But the absolute highlight of last weeks class was this 50 year old guy with his dancing shoes right next to me, dancing away almost pushing me next to the wall, i seriously reconsidered going again today!

But my friend S blackmailed me again saying she has no one to go with so go with her so i went. the same teacher with new lines, the best being "im gonna make you get your hours worth and make sure you go home wet dripping wet!"

the funniest thing which happened in todays class was the backdoor of the hall is open to let air in and suddenly we realised we had an audience! It was just a bunch of kids and my favourite song came on the bollywood one, as soon as we started the kids started dancing too! i couldnt keep a straight face i was laughing so much i forgot the steps and was laughing and snorting at the same time, the instructor kept looking at me but i couldnt stop laughing at all! i could see in the dark was a little boys beautiful blond mop going crazy in the dance!

then the last dance came so the instructor faced them, took his shirt off, the boys took their shirts off and they started dancing away at this point, i was nearly on the floor rolling in laughter because the kids were full into it as the instructor!

i also started spinning four weeks ago and although my friend D said to me she sweats just looking at people who do spinning, i actually really enjoy it! Although the class is very good, i constantly get scared by the instructor when in the middle of cycling like a maniac he shouts GO! my friend S fell of her bike the last time he did that lol! The highlight came last week when he said who has had a chocolate today raise your hands, me my friend S and N raised our hands. Then, who had crisps today raise your hands, we all raised our hands he then screamed cycle faster you have got more calories to burn! i never cycled so fast in my life just out of pure fear i could feel his eyes burning on me and my friends so we continued to cycle like maniacs!

who says exercise isnt fun?! if yours isnt you should come to my classes they are pure entertainment!

Recipe: Biscuit Pie


Before moving to Pakistan, dessert-making almost always meant a trip to the Sainsbury’s to buy something very specific to that treat: mascarpone, blanched hazelnuts, this type of flour, that type of sugar, etc! And then I moved to this side of the world, where I could still get these things at special stores (at imported prices!) but the nearest “market” behind my house only humbly sells the basics of life… certainly not mascarpone *sob*

Thats the story of every market near every Pakistani housewife here I guess. So the array of cooking shows (tens of channels dedicated to nothing but cooking!) are majorly welcome, because they make a point of using ingredients easily available to all here. But instead of compromising on the quality of the recipe by simply skipping ingredients, these clever trevor chefs teach you relatively easy ways to substitute them, so now I can make ingredients from scratch that I really would never have bothered with living a stone’s throw from my much-missed local Sainsbury’s in London…

I’m going to share the latest recipe I tried last night… Biscuit Pie! However, Mr Husband tells me its more a Biscuit Pudding than a pie, so we’ll just call it Yummy Easy Dessert :-)

Got this recipe from a very popular morning chef here called Shireen Anwer. Here’s the link to the video (but it is in Urdu and and to save you the time watching it, I’m writing it up anyway):

Yummy Easy Dessert(easily serves 6-8)
Two cups Marie* biscuits, crushed in a food processor
4tbsp melted butter
1 cup curd cheese**
2 eggs
Half cup double cream
1tsp cornflour
1tbsp Orange Tang***
Half tin condensed milk

*You can use any biscuits you want really, such as Digestive, but just make sure they don’t have a taste too overpowering or it will interfere with the filling. The closest equivalent to Marie biscuits in the UK would probably be Rich Tea?

**This chef uses curd cheese as an equivalent to cream cheese quite a bit. Either go for cream cheese instead, or to make curd cheese, take a thin piece of cloth (like muslin, though I confess I tore some off an old shirt I no longer wanted!) and place it in a sieve with a bowl under the sieve. Now pour about 1.5 cups of natural-set yoghurt onto the cloth and leave it all in the fridge for a good few hours (I left it overnight). All the watery whey will drain into the bowl under the sieve leaving you with 1 cup of thick, delicious curd cheese.

***Again, this is a Pakistani thing. Tang is basically powdered flavour you add water to for an instant squash. Skip this altogether if your not fussed about the orange flavouring. Alternatively, add a couple of drops of vanilla essence instead for a different but equally nice flavouring.

To make the biscuit base, preheat your oven at 180 degrees and generously butter your pie dish. Put the crushed biscuit crumbs inside. Now pour in the melted butter and gently rub with your fingertips till all crumbs are coated. Press the mixture down into the dish evenly, making sure to raise it along the sides too. Then pop it in the oven for about 3-5 mins. Lets go with 4.

Take it out and let it cool. Meanwhile, throw everything else into your blender and blend. And thats your pudding filling done! Pour it onto the biscuit base and pop it back into the over, this time for 20mins. Take it out, let it cool down and put it in the fridge (this is a serve-cold dessert).

This is great to make-ahead. I made mine around noon to have after dinner. I would definitley use this for tea instead of after dinner next time though. Reason being, its quite rich, so if you’ve had a heavy dinner (in Pakistan, lets face it, every dinner is a heavy dinner!) then it can be a bit much… But saying that, 6 of us devoured this last night and there were no leftovers!!

Hmmm, should’ve taken a photo really. Next time!

Why Some Women Should Be Exempt From Fasting


It all started in Ramadan when I forgot to put a nappy on my 1 ½ yr old daughter and she ended up tasting the contents of her nappy. Bad times! Fasting, married life, a toddler, lack of sleep are not a good mix. Did I learn my lesson?….NO!

So I decided to not waste this Autumn/Winter and to use the shorter days to make up many of my missed fasts. Day 1 was difficult but luckily I didn’t interact with any humans apart from my daughter and husband. By the end of Day 1, I felt so proud of myself for fasting when others were not. So on we went to Day 2. Day 2 was a human interaction day with my in laws. All was going well. The fast was easy.

As I sat there in a room full of people, holding my sister in law’s baby, I sat thinking how natural and at home I felt with my in laws. A lovely feeling right? So anyway, this baby in my lap then pulled the brooch that was holding my hijaab in place. This was dangerous as I didn’t want the pin to go into his eye… sensible I sound.

That’s when it happened. My mind went blank. I forgot the name for ‘brooch’???? So I shouted across the room to my poor husband to pick up his nephew; “Husband, take the baby because my bra’s fallen down!”
MY BRA….MY BRA????? Why bra???? I didn’t know what had happened til I saw my Husband’s face looking down at me shocked and i’m stumbling with my words. “I mean…I mean…ummm….badge…my badge is falling down….hmmm”.

I’ll never forget the name for brooch again. Eyes down, cheeks red, bra intact…..I said my goodbyes and decided to take a few days break from my fasts.

Who, What, Where, When!

It all started off when JN’s phone had once again, flopped big time. Luckily, free solutions are always provided in our little circle. For example:

NK: You need to place your phone on the floor and then move directly above it and start jumping on it like a crazy lunatic, then walk into phones4u and buy a blackberry ok!!!
IR: I think JN needs a simple Nokia, or she needs liposuction to decrease her fat fingers so she touches the right letters on the touch screen.
SK: Hahaha. Points to NK: 1, Points to IR: 1. Anyone else want to add to this?

And so the idea that was born and discussed months ago was firmly stamped into our minds and all we needed to do was figure out a name!

IR: A name for our group that’s catchy and shows who we are… Independent Floozies!!!
NK: Bum Fluffs!
SK: Na, I prefer Independent Floozies to Bum Fluff!
IR: No way. We are not floozies. I was joking!! Something integrating the fact that we’re independent, Pakistani, hijabis, Muslim, beautiful, cultured, shisha-smoking (bar me), professionals!
HA: IR that’s a perfect name!!! But too long lol. So here’s my suggestions:
- Seven Sisters!
- Being Us!
- Our initials in an Acronym
SK: Being Us!
NK: I agree, love “Being Us!”

So, WELCOME TO OUR BLOG: BEING US!  We are seven friends that have been through living together, studying (or lack thereof) together, supporting each other’s careers, teaching each other to cook, organizing each other’s weddings, playing with each other’s babies, persuading those without babies to have babies! And so much more. including, migrations, holidays and emailing all day instead of working/being a housewife! After all this time, we finally decided to document our lives more so people can read and join in the mayhem, happiness, discoveries, funny stories and love :-)
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