Saturday, 15 October 2011

Why Some Women Should Be Exempt From Fasting


It all started in Ramadan when I forgot to put a nappy on my 1 ½ yr old daughter and she ended up tasting the contents of her nappy. Bad times! Fasting, married life, a toddler, lack of sleep are not a good mix. Did I learn my lesson?….NO!

So I decided to not waste this Autumn/Winter and to use the shorter days to make up many of my missed fasts. Day 1 was difficult but luckily I didn’t interact with any humans apart from my daughter and husband. By the end of Day 1, I felt so proud of myself for fasting when others were not. So on we went to Day 2. Day 2 was a human interaction day with my in laws. All was going well. The fast was easy.

As I sat there in a room full of people, holding my sister in law’s baby, I sat thinking how natural and at home I felt with my in laws. A lovely feeling right? So anyway, this baby in my lap then pulled the brooch that was holding my hijaab in place. This was dangerous as I didn’t want the pin to go into his eye… sensible I sound.

That’s when it happened. My mind went blank. I forgot the name for ‘brooch’???? So I shouted across the room to my poor husband to pick up his nephew; “Husband, take the baby because my bra’s fallen down!”
MY BRA….MY BRA????? Why bra???? I didn’t know what had happened til I saw my Husband’s face looking down at me shocked and i’m stumbling with my words. “I mean…I mean…ummm….badge…my badge is falling down….hmmm”.

I’ll never forget the name for brooch again. Eyes down, cheeks red, bra intact…..I said my goodbyes and decided to take a few days break from my fasts.

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