Saturday, 15 October 2011

Who, What, Where, When!

It all started off when JN’s phone had once again, flopped big time. Luckily, free solutions are always provided in our little circle. For example:

NK: You need to place your phone on the floor and then move directly above it and start jumping on it like a crazy lunatic, then walk into phones4u and buy a blackberry ok!!!
IR: I think JN needs a simple Nokia, or she needs liposuction to decrease her fat fingers so she touches the right letters on the touch screen.
SK: Hahaha. Points to NK: 1, Points to IR: 1. Anyone else want to add to this?

And so the idea that was born and discussed months ago was firmly stamped into our minds and all we needed to do was figure out a name!

IR: A name for our group that’s catchy and shows who we are… Independent Floozies!!!
NK: Bum Fluffs!
SK: Na, I prefer Independent Floozies to Bum Fluff!
IR: No way. We are not floozies. I was joking!! Something integrating the fact that we’re independent, Pakistani, hijabis, Muslim, beautiful, cultured, shisha-smoking (bar me), professionals!
HA: IR that’s a perfect name!!! But too long lol. So here’s my suggestions:
- Seven Sisters!
- Being Us!
- Our initials in an Acronym
SK: Being Us!
NK: I agree, love “Being Us!”

So, WELCOME TO OUR BLOG: BEING US!  We are seven friends that have been through living together, studying (or lack thereof) together, supporting each other’s careers, teaching each other to cook, organizing each other’s weddings, playing with each other’s babies, persuading those without babies to have babies! And so much more. including, migrations, holidays and emailing all day instead of working/being a housewife! After all this time, we finally decided to document our lives more so people can read and join in the mayhem, happiness, discoveries, funny stories and love :-)

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