Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pencil, Curl and Gloss!

Posted by NK
Waking up in the morning and crawling out of bed, with the mirror right infront of my bed is not such a good idea....
 Isn’t it always the case, that one eye takes longer to open up and the other looks like its been punched.  Your mouth is sooo dry like your saliva’s been sucked out your mouth.  Your hair looks like its had a really bad hairdresser back comb and curl it, and you’ve also been electrocuted repatedly!!! 
Soooooo who praises the creators of MAKE UP!! Meeeeeeeee!!!!
I’ve always been a fan of make up and trying it out from a young age got rid of those initial mistakes you learn from, like:
Ø  Not penciling your eyebrows and looking bald
Ø  Not curling your eyelashes  and looking tired and depressed
Ø  Too much eyeshadow all over ur eyes, so you look like an art piece
Ø  No blusher, so looking drained
Ø  And too much foundaton,  so you loolk like cake mixture
Since then, me and my friends have come a long way and make up has been our best friend.  From Maxfactor being our HEAD foundation, we’ve moved over to MAC and bare minerals (mostly MAC). I remember the first year of uni spending many days with IR in her room painting lots of different colours on our eyelids, and using the liquid eyeliner pretty much all over our face, thinking we are the next HOT thing  - until ofcourse we took pics and realised how simlar we looked to Drag Queens! 

Just yesterday  I lost my liquid eyeliner and obviously freaked out because my outfit needed liquid eyeliner (does that make sense), like sometimes you wear an outfit that needs a specific make up piece?? Soooo, I decided to use the blacktrack liquid eyeliner from MAC with a brush and wowza, how smooth,  pointed and BLACK, was my top eyeliner!! I looked like a rock queen! I then used the same in my eye instead of my pencil eyeliner and again WOWZA, it lasted AND looked awesome AND did not smudge!!!!
So my make-up must do’s are:
Ø  Curl eyelashes
Ø  Pencil eyebrows
Ø  Mascara
Ø  Blusher
Ø  And glossy lips!
As long as you have these basics you can look “natural” or just remain looking like an Ogre!! 
Lets go back to my anger against they even realise and appreciate what we have to go through??? I mean its perfectly fine for them not to wear any make-up (well some) and to be hairy, sometimes being even more hairy is more attractive to women! But for us we need to be all primed and princess like, eyebrows done,  facial hair removed and make up on!  I sometimes think we should be a bit more like the elder auntys with their furry moustaches and overgrown eyebrows going back into their head!!
The most men do is wash their face and jump into jeans and THATS IT!
Where women, lets not even list the things we need to go through to walk out that door. Even though saying that, me and the girls did break this mould at university going to the service station at ridiculous times in our pj’s and the security guard questioning if I was a girl or a boy??!!! Also going to edgeware road in flowery asian suits and furry slippers with a smacked face with smudged make-up!
Soo I guess its down to us, give in to the princess lady look or the grizzly ogre look....which one are you, Ogre or Princess??


  1. I'm a princess even my son thinks so! Luv ur blog NK cnt wait till da nx one ;) 4rm SG

  2. Very well put NK! So many years of struggling to find the right foundation I totally understand everything you say! A.S

  3. SK- princess although its monday might be ogre! The cat picture really resembles some days in uni and we used to look like that lol!!!


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