Sunday, 23 October 2011

Missing Broody Gene?


So I went to see my cousin yesterday who had a baby boy. He's gorgeous and tiny and has so much jet black hair!

But I didn't feel broody at all! All my sisters went to see the baby too and they came back broody as hell!

So is there something wrong with me?

Could be because the baby just cried and cried whilst I was there and all I was thinking was thank god that's not me on that bed! Also when I got to hospital, my cousin (bless her) was crying and said "I haven't slept for two days, he doesn't stop crying, I just wanna go home..." So I was trying to console her and make the baby stop crying. At the same time, I was like Thank God Thank God Thank God lol!

So am I missing the broody gene?!

1 comment:

  1. From NK
    There is nothing wrong with you my love! Hospitals are quite depressing and having the wrong scenery can put you off anything!!


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