Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Curse of Working!


I totally agree with NK when did it get too hard?

I remember our time in uni, during the 3 years it was all about making depressing movies funny. During that particular instance in our room me NK IR and JN started of watching the movie, as usual JN and IR fell asleep and me and NK were waiting with tissues for a reason to cry. Suddenly, everything in the movie became funny especially the dances!

Those days were the days! It consisted of smoking shisha at breakfast, getting our student loans and  becoming rich overnight, spending it all on shopping, sleeping till 4pm, making our friend SS wake up at 3am to go get us kebab rolls cos we were hungry, annoying our neighbours Bob & Eileen, endless water fights and house parties!

How times have changed  6 years on from uni my routine is getting up at 7am work like a dog till 4pm, come home fit my exercises in the evening and spend some time with hubby. At the same time try and study for the ACCA which, should be renamed Association of Cruel and Confused Accountancy. Its cruel cos it has 14 exams and its confused cos no one gets it!

Its the curse of working peeps just when you think your saved from it, it comes and bites you in the backside!

I don't think anyone enjoys work those that do have no life! Bring back the days of laughing at sad movies and sleeping till 4pm!

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