Tuesday, 18 October 2011

It's Too Hard!!


So just as you think life can't get any worse,  it does..............

A brief background on me:

I'm the single one in our group
Working like a D O G
A bit mental  - like chicken oriental
and the good looking one ;)

Soooo is it just me or is everyone stuck in a dead end job, working like a freak, having serious issues in their personal life, hating on men ( so understanding lesbianism) and constantly thinking,  life is a BIYATCH!

The crapness all started with sitting in SK's room in the first year of uni, and we were contemplating, should we watch a depressing movie or attend tomorrows lecture, obviously the latter was decided upon and we ended up laughing like hyenas throughout.  From then we were never serious, well I was never serious about anything and have moved on to be in a crappy job, stressed out me face,  when I was supposed to be a married woman getting fat!!!

So now I'm in a job where I am so fed up, that I will clearly tell my manager I am sick to death with this and am looking for another job, all the time.  He's pretty transparent with me and tells me how he's doing the same, amazingness!!  Now SK has finally got me to book my F3 exam (accountancy) next month!!!!!! I'm not sure why I'm telling everyone this because you'll all want to know the results, even though no one's following us yet - whatever that means!!

That's my career, well lack of. Moving onto the single life where all aunt’s look at you at every party and think you're this choosy, high maintenance, bitch of a woman, so therefore not married. When actually they need to realise a few things.... well one thing:
Men are dogs!!
Based on this I wanted to start writing some books,  some of the titles I have come up with:

> Men make women lesbians
> Man is never understood because he's a Mental Anal Nutcase
> Selfish Selfish dog men!

(By the way I don't mean the word dog literally - its just you know for weird, crapness, freakish behaviour ....basically anyting bad)

So I hate the way men just don't get us.  We are made differently, is it so hard for them to understand that.  Change is hard for a man and adapting to things around him is difficult too, saying that if you do find the right man, and he's a sweetheart, hold on to him.

I am a very confused person just like HA (she is VERY confused) but life is just so unpredicatable and you've got to roll with it, so I guess our opinions and views on things do change.  I have a million thoughts going through my head all the time, like at the moment I’m thinking I need to make tea after this!

At the moment I do have a lovely man in my life but like always things aren't as clear cut as they should be. I may tell the story later but let's leave that for another day.  The starting to this blog will make a lot more sense then too.

Love you followers.  I'd like to call you initialuettes!  As you're following our initials :)

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