Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dial A Shisha???


So I was just sitting around listening to some music, suddenly a leaflet came through the door. I thought it was the standard takeaway delivery/charity unwanted clothes leaflet so was just about to throw it in the bin when something caught my eye: Dial A Shisha???!!! i couldn't believe it, now we are having shisha delivered to our houses!

At first I was like wow thats a good idea but then I thought isn't the whole fun of shisha sitting somewhere with my friends fighting over the shisha pipe and listening to arabic music u can't understand???? Although i do understand with the cold hitting the UK having a shisha delivered indoors where there is no smoking ban you can enjoy it more. Personally I'd buy my own cos it would cost the same.

Now we have shisha being delivered to us what's next, dial a cigarette service??? I think I'm gonna start it up!

1 comment:

  1. HA writes: haha, dial a cigarette, thats hilarious! Also, when I first saw this I thought the title was dial a SHIA and thought, wow, thats out there! lol


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