Saturday, 29 October 2011

What To Do With a Courgette... Or Two


We call them courgettes in England... My family in North America says we are totally wrong and they are actually called zucchini. And then I come to Pakistan where my mother-in-law politley informs me this is, in fact, "maaroo."

I don't see these green yummies that much here, so bought a kilo worth when I was out this week, only to find all the boys in my house (Husband, his brothers and father-in-law) flick pieces of courgette from my big roast veg tray to the side of their plates. I was really hurt on behalf of the poor courgettes.

Anyway I had two leftover and was stuck on how to use them up when I cam across this recipe.*

My excitement at making this was more about whether or not anyone would figure out there is a vegetable in it than eating a delicious chocolate bread, which is exactly what it was. So moist and so light! Chocolate anything is usually quite heavy, but this was lovely which is probably why I had three slices (nothing compared to Husband's five I guess, *gulp*)

Also, I didn't have a loaf pan and just used my mother-in-law's oval cake tin.

*I've only ever tried one more recipe from this site: eggplant wrapped kebabs, which was yummy. Next, I'm trying the Greek stuffed tomatoes/peppers!

OH and not one person figured out there was "maaroo" in this! Husband did eventually but only when I narrowed it down and said "I'll give you a hint: green veg you didn't like!"

And now its ALL finished :-)


  1. That looks good! I could definitely go for a slice of that for breakfast right now!

  2. Thanks Kevin, both for the recipe and for visiting our blog!


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