Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Wedding...Your Wedding...Our Wedding.....Who's Wedding!!


That all special day, your Wedding Day; does the bride actually get a say, like a proper say, in how her day goes??

Me and HA were talking about weddings, when it just occurred to me, weddings really aren't much about what the bride and groom want. Everyone wants their opinion accounted for during the wedding period.

> Friends want that all important Henna party, so they can live out some weird dancing fantasy of theirs, and have a legitimate reason to ignore their children

> Parents want a very big Party, so all of their family members and family friends can join in. Mostly people we hardly talk too and probably really don't even get on with, but have to invite to keep face

> Auntys want a big wedding, so they can put on their latest outfits to show off, and then gossip about how bad everything was

> And uncles.....well they just want food!

All of this reminds me of my sisters wedding, she did not have a clue (exceptional case, most brides are very involved in their wedding). All she wanted was her outfits! I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown, organising everything, and thought it can't any worse then this, until my dad announced he's going to make a speech at the wedding. At that moment, my mums face started to turn red, and before she exploded I quickly and calmly commented, 'aww that's nice dad, so how long is it?', my dad smiled back innocently like this is the most normal thing to say, '10 pages front and back'. That was it: Armageddon in my house, I obviously allowed my mum to go crazy! Ten pages!!! I mean heelllloooo, this is not an opportunity for you to shine dad!!!

But the big day came, and somehow my dad did get hold of the mike, and out came his autobiography. You would think I'm exaggerating but No, from the day he was born, to his wedding, to all of our births (his kids), his different jobs, his hobbies, ample jokes, to one last sentence of congratulating the bride and groom!

Forks really should be sharper, every time I tried stabbing myself it just didn't work!

Soooo, I've decided to have my wedding at my house, mainly because of the fear of  'The Speech'!! I do want a nice small intimate wedding....but I guess we'll have to see what happens! Will keep you all updated!

Back to men;

Mens preparation for their wedding day:

  1. Get into a suit
  2. Gel their hair
  3. Get into the car

Ukhhhh!! Do they know what we have to go through??! The whole preparation for the venue, the decor, the outfits, the hair, the make up and last but not least, pack up your whole life and move, to start a new one!!! I mean do they even understand, even a tiny teeny bit, of how hard this could be??!!!

If they weren't so self absorbed, maybe they would realise why we have schizophrenia in the first couple of months of marriage......

I feel another I Hate Men book coming along....


  1. HA writes: woman, u are right on so many levels! My Husband always informs me that on our wedding day, he had to be woken up because he overslept, jumped in the shower, threw on his suit and turned up! Makes my four hours at the parlour seem a bit OTT haha.

  2. my husband showed up exactly 10 hours before our wedding from overseas.. just thinking about what would have happened if he a) missed his flight or b) the plane got hijacked or c) his car broke down on the way to the airport .. hence missing his flight ... just thinking about all this almost 6 years later gives me palpitations!

  3. I can't stop laughing at autobiography...this blog is too hilarious!! It's actually fun to read all the blogs!! ��


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