Saturday, 19 November 2011

Birthday Honours!


Happy Birthday to NR and IR, the two mummies, correction: YUMMY mummies of our group! Our go-to ladies for all queries on happy homemaking ;-)

Last month NR turned.... we'll just say late 20's! And today, its IR's birthday! In her honour, the rest of us want to share our favourite birthday memory of her:

JN: for IR, I'll always remember her bday at the restaurant with the belly-dancer! That was nice, but even better was the year we took her to a Sainsbury's carpark in the middle of nowhere, put her in a shopping trolley and bombed her with water baloons...! She was completely soaked!!!

SK: I second that, water bombing her in the middle of a car park on a freezing November night!

And in honour of NR, here's where we see her in 10 years time: 

SK: babysitting our kids because her own will be too old and she'll be feeling broody but her husband will say no more kids, babysit ur friends! OR she will be a supercool mum who will become a personal shopper for babies on the side, making them dress up in designer wear!

To two of our most beautiful (inside and out) friends, from all of us: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! What a lovely tribute to your friends.

  2. That's lovely :s just saw it now


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