Thursday, 8 December 2011

"I Wish I Wasn't Your Daughter"


First things first: I love my mama! Like most people, I think she's the best mother in the world. So the title of this post is definitley not me. Its the absurd, far-too-long name of a new Pakistani drama on TV here at the moment! Props to the producers for making a drama that for once  is moving quite fast... In just a few weeks, the story has unfolded quite a lot. BUT it just gets more and more ridiculous and horrifying. I had to sit down and write about it. Its like I need therapy because I've watched this!

The main character: a girl called Khushi (happiness) and her nickname is Pagli (madness). And she's very... well, happy and mad.

The storyline: Khushi comes from a super poor family. When she was a kid, she had a male best friend who she loved like a fat kid loves cake. Drowning in ever increasing poverty, her parents sell her (yes SELL her) to a super rich family. The oldest son is happily married but his wife can't have children, so they buy (yes BUY) Khushi for a year. She'll have his baby (which will have to be a boy, of course) and then her "husband" will divorce her and send her back home. Upon doing so, her family will get some more money.

Why does Khushi do it? She has no idea whats going on, the dumb twat. She thinks she's marrying her  childhood BFF that's just come mysteriously turned up again. She doesn't even mind that he's already married. True love, eh?

In short, she makes her new hubby fall in love with her, probably because of her "happiness" and "madness" one can only guess. And as luck would have it, she's pregnant now too. So what does her husband do? Illegally obtains miscarriage-inducing pills, spikes her orange juice with them, and gives them to her. He tries to abort their baby so that she can stay with them longer! Otherwise, she'd have the baby and have to leave!

At this point, I made a decision: I am stepping out of the room when this show it on. Disturbing on SO many levels!

What ever happened to simple love stories? You know... like she's super poor, her childhood BFF comes back, marries her, they both work hard, pull her family out of poverty and hey presto! Happiness all around?

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  1. Talk about my worst nightmare...I can't imagine watching this and having the nightmare become even more real!


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