Tuesday, 14 October 2014

We have a new addition to the babies in the group!


This has been a brilliant year for our group of friends we have had 3 new additions in the group! IR kicked of the year with the first baby our gorgeous Z, then HA had beautiful baby K and now JN gave birth to an adorable baby boy this week! After 6 beautiful little girls in the group we now have the first boy! All the babies are super special to me in the group but this baby and I have been super close in the last 9 months!

JN decided to get pregnant when we went to Dubai so when we came back, I remember her taking the first pregnancy test for this baby and it was a negative and she was a little bit upset.... I said to her don't worry there's always next month!

However during the course of the next few weeks she started to feel changes in her body which indicated she was pregnant and I kept forcing her to re-take the pregnancy test.

One evening I was round their house and we had a couple of other friends there who eventually left, at the same time, I was also getting up to leave when JN and her husband broke the news that they are pregnant! 

During her pregnancy JN decided to wait till her first scan and then she wanted to break the news to all family and friends and boy it was tough keeping the news hidden from the rest of the friends!

The highlights of JN's pregnancy for me were planning the baby shower, feeling the baby kick for the first time and going to one of the baby's scans.

Then last Friday me and JN had our final date night where we watched a movie and chilled out even JN's husband gave us alone time because, we both knew deep down that was probably the last time we would be alone together just sitting and relaxing. Although baby was not due for another week and we thought she may go over her due date little did we know baby was coming quicker than we thought!

 JN gave birth on Sunday to a beautiful little boy it wasn't an easy birth but I'll let JN give you all the details!

Yesterday I met our gorgeous little nephew for the first time yesterday and said welcome to the gang! Now I know when me and JN have date night again we will have a little addition who will be chilling with us!

Congrats once again JN you will make an awesome Mum just like the rest of the Mum's in the group!


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