Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Job And Holiday Highlights


Hello! Wow time has really flown by we are now approaching the end of 2014 and our last blog post was in 2011!
I was really happy when IR said she wanted to re-start the blog I think it will definitely achieve 2 purposes for me

1 - HA has said my written English is not great as I don’t use commas and full stops. (Note, I used a comma and a full stop!)
2- I read back our posts from 2011 and I had a smile on my face and giggled to myself reminiscing over that phase in our life – NK was not married her post married blog will be a fun one to read! We also have 2 new additions in the kids of the group and 2 to follow very soon. If nothing else when I need a smile and laugh I can always come back and read our blog!

So these are the highlights from 2011
Qualified as an accountant – well what can I say, it was 3 years of hard work, tears, tantrums, mentally planning on ways I can murder the examiners, almost killing my husband and myself in the process! Had it not been for my lovely friends especially JN who has supported me so much since 2010 I don’t think I could have done it.
I remember saying to the husband 2 weeks before each exam – don’t talk to me, don’t ask me for anything, don’t even breathe in front of me because I cant guarantee I will reply to you in anything else but swears. This is why, when I qualified the husband has said no more additional qualifications please you not only ruin your time but you ruin mines too.

When I received my last exam results, I thought it was important to have JN with me. I remember frantically waiting in JN’s living room for the clock to strike midnight and wait for the results to be messaged to my phone.  JN’s husband grabbed my phone in case I smashed it against the wall if I failed.
When it came to ten past midnight me and JN were worried because no results had come through and were so nervous that we were almost screaming at each other why they haven’t come through yet that JN’s husband calmly said they are here and you passed!
At that point I can’t remember who screamed the loudest and I finally breathed a sigh of relief!
I still need to break the news to the husband that I am planning on doing the MBA next year LOL!

Travels – I finally made the trip to my dream destination in December 2013 the Maldives. It was also the year that I and the husband celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. What can I say it was exactly what I imagined it to be if not better. We had a water villa which the husband insisted on when we arrived there and it was really private. I loved hearing the ocean before I went to bed. The husband hated hearing the ocean whilst going to bed and complained he couldn’t sleep, secretly he worried a tsunami might happen. The Maldives was perfect for 7 days it is exactly as you see on the internet I had some of the best food out there it was so peaceful and so relaxing. We were so lucky to have beautiful weather for all the days we were there no a single raindrop in sight. It was only the morning we were leaving did it rain heavily and we had some thunder storms apart from that it was beautiful! We also combined with Dubai for the second week of our trip and I love Dubai JN and her husband was there too and we had such a good time! The husband and I love going to Dubai last year I regretted not extending my stay to see New Year’s Eve in Dubai so this year quite last minute we booked Dubai again to experience New Year’s Eve there!
Originally we wanted to go to Mauritius I have found my holiday destination the Indian Ocean where I can completely relax. However, peak season means paying triple the price you would usually pay and so we decided to leave this for our wedding anniversary or birthday’s next year.  
Wow I’m shocked I can only think of 2 highlights since 2011! But as I remember more I sure will add to the blog!

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